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The Mission Motorcycle Accident - Photographing the Past 

 A trans-time photograph of 3 stages in a motorcycle accident. The photograph was taken on a dark, empty street in Mission, BC. Dowload the free PDF file 'The Mission Motorcycle Accident - Photographing the Past', found further down this page.




This section is still under construction, so to make your visit worthwhile, 15 fascinating complementary PDF files of ghostly galleries have been made available for download at the bottom of this page.


Feel free to download them all and share them with other people as well. Please visit again soon as this website will shortly be offering many different articles and photo-galleries filled with incredible paranormal content. 



I'm a psychic photographer. Technically, I'm a 'psychic photographic medium'.   

This means that I can photograph into other dimensions, as well as capture activity not normally registered by the human eye, which operates within a particular bandwidth.      


What if I don't Believe in Ghosts or Invisible Life-forms?   

Don't you believe in the reality of ghosts? Because they truly exist and spirits are all  

around us in this world constantly, even though most people don't see them.  In fact, every dimension is inhabited. Life can be found everywhere. 



To say that you don't believe in ghosts is an opinion, but it isn't one that will get you very far once you begin to properly research this fascinating subject for yourself. But what are ghosts, really? People use the word to describe a variety of tenuous phenomena.


I'm not only going to tell you about these other worlds, as well as defining 'ghosts' and related phenomena, I'm going to show you glimpses of them in stunning photographic detail.


And even better, I'm going to teach you how you can maximize your chances of discovering all about them for yourself by setting up experiments that use simple techniques in order to obtain visible anomalous results.


Please go ahead and download your free previews - you've never seen anything like it!   



Download The Paranormal Photo Galleries Here


Below is just a small sampling of the paranormal content which will soon be made available free for personal study by any interested party.



Click on any button below to download the corresponding document.




Download The Mission Motorcycle accident - Photographing the Past 

The Mission Motorcycle Accident - Photographing the Past


This is the fascinating in-depth examination of a rare, amazing and very special example of a trans-time photograph. Contained in it are the details of a motorcycle accident from the past. Photographed at night on a quiet, empty street, the resulting anomalous imagery captured in the shot details 3 distinct and detailed stages of the accident and its aftermath against the backdrop of a phantom building, now long gone.  


Download Plans for Mission, but Not Yet - Photographing the Future 

 Plans for Mission, but not quite yet - Photographing the Future


In another incredible and compelling example of trans-time photography, an image that is possibly snatched from the future has been captured. Phantom buildings in an urban photograph are strange enough - but when plans for similar buildings are found, scheduled to be built in the same area as they first appeared as ghostly architectural images, it becomes eerier still. If these scheduled buildings are still only in the planning stages, then how could they turn up on a photo before they are built, and what is the true nature of time?


Download A Gathering of Ghosts


 A Gathering of Ghosts


An eclectic collection of some of the ghosts who have appeared in my photographs. The amazing images show up-close and personal details of spirits - genuine ghosts, manifested in front of your eyes. 


Download A Selection of High Strangeness 

 A Selection of High Strangeness


From floating bushes to royal wedding ghosts, my camera has documented quite a collection of 'high strangeness'. This gallery contains a small selection from among the tthousands of strange photographs I have taken.


Download By the Railway Tracks


 The Ghosts By the Railway Tracks


The examination of a photograph of local railway tracks that contain the anomalous images of on-coming train headlights and standing figures wearing old-fashioned looking clothing. When the photograph was taken, there was nothing in the scene but empty tracks. 


Download Elegant Lady 

 Elegant Lady


She was standing alone in a woodland scene, posing, seemingly quite deliberately for my camera, in a luxurious and colorful-looking period costume.


Download The Phantom Phone Booth


 The Phantom Phone Booth


When a ghostly phone booth full of people appeared in a photograph of a rural field that usually only had cows and trees in it, I was naturally fascinated. You will be as well.


Download Flying Woman with Contraption


 Flying Woman with Contraption


A woman, out flying with a friend! Where does she come from, and where is she going? And even more curiously, what is the instrument she has around her wrist, with its distinctive-looking components? It's obviously important to their 'outing', because her friend has one as well! You won't want to miss this story.


Download Flying Woman with Contraption 2


 Flying Woman with Contraption - 2


Finding the first photograph with the flying ladies was amazing enough, but I was later to find a similar flying woman in an earlier photograph that had previously gone unnoticed. Stranger still, this figure displayed as a negative image on a positive photograph. And the likelihood of finding that she was wearing a similar contraption to the one's seen in the first photograph? But she is wearing one, as you will see! 


Download Ghostly Eyes


 Ghostly Eyes


Ghostly eyes turn up in my photographs all the time. They appear on ghostly faces of course, but more surprisingly, they often appear singly, superimposed over a variety of different backgrounds, staring straight at me! Here is a selection from among the more compelling spirit eyes that I have in my 'ghostly eyes' collection. 


Download Musical Echoes - Jimmy


 Musical Echoes - Jimi


When conducting ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) experiments in spirit photography I quite frequently capture photographs of musicians singing into microphones. This in itself is fascinating, leading me to wonder about possible unknown anomalous effects relating to music, electronic equipment and amplifiers on information storage - records of the past and future stored at a holographic level. I will be exploring such concepts on this web site very soon. But one particular image, explored in this photo-article, was particularly electrifying!


Download Black Bag Figure


 Black Bag Figure


The results of another ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) experiment in which spirits were encouraged to paint their own portraits using light, static and background texture as their artistic tools. You can see the results of one of these successful projects here, where a spirit has created a detailed likeness of a figure, apparently as she might have looked in ancient times.


Download Bubble Gum Girl 

 Bubble Gum Girl


Leaning against a tree, almost invisible and easy to miss, a partially transparent little girl is captured in my photograph as she holds a doll and blows a pink bubblegum bubble as though she were still living in this world.


Download There's Something at the Bottom of the Garden! 

 There's Something at the Bottom of the Garden!


A photograph reveals first a huge orb of light behind the trees at the bottom of a rural garden, and then upon further investigation a lit-up and mysterious little world full of tiny, colorful entities.


Download Ghostly Kitten Games 

 Ghostly Kitten Games


After taking a photo of one of my cats I could see that something very strange was happening in the image. Investigating further, I discovered that Marmalade had an invisible ghostly playmate who still seemed as attached to his fancy collar as he probably was when he was 'alive' in our 3rd dimension.





The paranormal material in the complementary documents offered on this page is taken from the presentation 'Just the Other Side of Here' by psychic photographer Jane Tripp. 




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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp